Natural beauty, thanks to Argan oil!

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"Natural Beauty thanks to Argan oil"


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Natural Argan oil, sold under the name Argan3TM, is produced in Morocco using ancient skills enhanced by modern methods of pressing. This oil does not contain any other ingredients or artificial fragrance, and is produced wholly by organic cultivation. It is guaranteed by Quality France and is registred at Canada Health and FDA ( Food and Drug Administration) in USA  and was Awarded by SlowFood 2001 in Porto in Portugal.

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What else was recently said about us?

Praised by the international press, its exceptional qualities have been recognized by numerous women around the world (North Africa, Europe, Canada, USA, Japan) who having tried it, have expressed their complete satisfaction.

"Argan oil has allowed me to step out looking more beautiful and radiant despite the damage of the sun's heat and swimming." comments Mrs Jouda Ben Abid, Doctor, psychiatrist and lecturer of the University of Tunisia.

The diversity of Argan oil

To produce Argan oil for use in the kitchen, freshly harvested kernels from the fruits of the Argan tree are roasted in a gentle fire to bring out their characteristic nutty flavour. Pressed when cold, the kernels are then filtered to extract the aromatic oil.

Argan oil for cosmetic use, is made in the same way but without roasting the kernels.

As a result, it does not have the nutty aroma and is almost odourless.

It takes 30 kg of fruits and more than 15 hours work to produce 1 litre (33,40 fl oz) of oil. The task is carried out exclusively by women.

Characteristics and uses of Argan oil

Argan oil, sold by our company under the name Argan3TM, enriches the skin and protects its elasticity. It is rich in natural ingredients which play a role of primary importance in the renewing of cell structure. 

In traditional Moroccan medicine, Argan oil was used for the care of body and face to counteract the effects of age and weather. 

It works wonderfully on wrinkles and dry skin, reduces visible scars left by acne, chicken pox, and spots and other damage like chapped, cracked skin and on burns and scalds. 

Used also for the care of the scalp, it restores shine to dull, lifeless hair and it strengthens brittle nails. Lastly it can relieve the pain occurring in joints and is very suitable for massage.

Argan3 products

A1 - For body and face
A5 - Oil to use in salads and other preparations.

All these products are bottled in protective glass.

Our garanties for Argen Oil

OUR GUARANTIES: Our extra-virgin Argane Oil is organic and first cold-pressure quality. Controlled by the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency, it is guaranteed by a certificate of origin, a chemical report and a phytosanitary certificate as required by the authorities of Canada. Registered and declared to US FDA

This product is certified by Qualité France (certifier organism, Paris).

Argane Oil is part of our Moroccan tradition. All properties mentioned in this brochure refer to those traditions and are not to be taken as diagnostic or medical treatment as defined by legal and medical texts in Canada and USA. Please consult your doctor before using Argane Oil for any specific treatment.

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