The Argan tree

The Argan tree

"Pure Argan oil makes all the difference!"

The argan tree provides cosmetic, seasoning and salad dressing oil. This ingredient has been sought for years by chefs and top gourmets for it's delicacy, and by beauty addicts for it's valuable benefits and many uses.

Argan is rich in Vitamin E and Oleic-lioleic fat. It contains approximately 80% of unsaturated fatty acids. According to scientific studies, the content of these acids cause a reduction of fats which can affect the risks of myocardium (heart attack) similar to that of cholesterol. It also aids active brain development and can help to prevent certain respiratory diseases (studies of Dr Zoubida Charrouf, Morocco).

Why is this oil so expensive?

Taken from scientific research from Jerusalem University published in 2001, the aroma, flavor, oxidative stability and health benefits might compensate for the high cost of argan oil.

This oil is rare in the world and an invaluable product. Requests for the oil are increasing yearly. The extraction is one of the longest and most painful tasks to carry out. The women who are doing this work, call for a better salary and fair living and working conditions.

Its manufacture is a strictly family activity, not even artisan. It is a major source of income for the local population where the argan tree grows. Each family progressively extracts the quantities according to its needs.These are same reasons why the price is high.

Our products

The argan oil that we distribute is accepted by Canadian and American customs Agency, Health Canada and Agriculture Canada. For each importation, the product is duly inspected and certified by the services of Protection of the Morocco Plants to the Agro alimentary services of these countries.

All those who come into contact with the resources of the argan tree, whether for study or research, working to promote the survival of argan tree, in trade or even giving the oil as a gift - all honour the Berber women and their country.

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